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We're Keith, Steve, and Zefram from Bargersville, Indiana, and we're hoping to welcome another child into our family through adoption. We admire your courage as you consider adoption, and we look forward to including you in our lives in whatever manner you choose. Thank you for taking the time to look through our website and getting to know a little about us. We'd love to get to know you as well.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Steve Stanzak and Keith Turpin

Our Adoption Story

We've been together since 2006 and were married in 2010. We have both always known that we wanted children, and in 2013 we welcomed Zefram into our lives through open adoption. Zefram couldn’t wait to come into the world and was born fourteen weeks early in a hospital halfway across the country (San Diego, CA). We bought plane tickets for the next day and rushed out to meet Zefram for the first time. Zefram was tiny, weighing only two pounds, and had some significant health issues, but we could see even then that he was a fighter. We were able to live right at the hospital, and at least one of us was there every day of Zefram's four-month recovery.

Zefram is now a healthy and happy preschooler, and he keeps us busy with his endless energy. We love learning about the world, whether it's visiting new places, exploring the countryside, or finding new things to do in our community. We are adventurous cooks and love making (and eating!) food from all over the world. Zefram loves "helping" us in the kitchen—kneading bread dough, churning ice cream, and chopping vegetables. The only thing we love more than creating elaborate meals together is having friends and family over to help us eat it. We're all excited to grow our family again through adoption and to open our lives to another child.

Meet Our Family

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Keith Photo
I am not sharing this sundae

Nickname: Papa

Hometown: Gary, IN

Personality: Outgoing, compassionate

Occupation: Managing scientists and engineers

Favorite Food: Thai coconut curry

Favorite Pastimes: Photography, woodworking

Fun Fact: I love my power tools

Steve Photo
I'm on a sailboat!

Nickname: Dad

Hometown: Waterloo, NY

Personality: Adventurous, honest, a bit obsessive

Occupation: Software developer

Favorite Foods: Ice cream and French fries (sometimes together)

Favorite Pastimes: Reading trashy fantasy and sci-fi novels

Fun Fact: I have a PhD in folklore

Zefram Photo
Hello Poopy

Nicknames: Z, Z-Man, Monster

Personality: Inquisitive, outgoing, adorably obnoxious

Occupation: Farting all day

Favorite Food: Cocoa Pebbles, sushi; not tomatoes

Favorite Pastime: Building legos, playing guitar in my underwear

Fun Fact: I am named after a Star Trek character

Dinger Photo
You woke me up for this?

Nicknames: Dinger, Ding-Dong

Personality: Shy, introverted, easily terrified

Occupation: Napping, avoiding loud preschoolers

Favorite Food: Tuna juice, fresh from the can

Favorite Pastime: Sleeping, sunbathing

Fun Fact: I only exist when directly observed

Booty Photo
I am ferocious. Please love me.

Nicknames: Booty, Bootylicious, Booty-Butt

Personality: Affectionate, gentle

Occupation: Chasing moths, sitting on top of inappropriate objects

Favorite Food: Scavenged scraps from under Zefram's chair

Favorite Pastime: Watching leaves blow in the wind

Fun Fact: I am named after an ancient Celtic warrior queen

Baby Photo
Room for One More

Nicknames: ???

Personality: ???

Age: Somewhere between -9 months and 0

Occupation: ???

Favorite Food: ???

Favorite Pastime: ???

Fun Fact: ???

BABY ???

Our Home

We live in Bargersville, Indiana, a rural farming community about thirty minutes south of downtown Indianapolis. Our house is settled on a secluded lot surrounded by trees, with a small stream running through it filled with minnows and crawfish. We love relaxing on the deck in our backyard, watching the wildlife around us.

Indianapolis is fairly close to our home, and we have regular outings to events and restaurants in the city. Every Saturday morning, we drive to a cafe downtown to have cake and coffee for breakfast before we run errands. We frequently visit the zoo for an hour or two as soon as it opens, saying good morning to the animals and leaving when the crowds arrive.


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Contact Us

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our lives, and we're committed to a lifelong open relationship with you at whatever level you are most comfortable. We look forward to hearing from you, answering any questions you might have, and getting to know you as well.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Keith, Steve, and Zefram

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Phone: 317.528.0717
Email: contact@keithandsteveadopt.com